Oil Absorbing Powder / Colorless / Translucent / Vanishing / Oil Control

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Oil Absorbing Powder Don't let the color of this amazing powder fool you. It goes on colorless. Oil Absorbing Powder is excellent for absorbing excess oil. For anyone with problem oily skin. Men, women and teens with oily skin will benefit from its use. Pure ground clay that goes on translucent. Small clay spheres and powder. Just dust your applicator across the spheres, tap off excess back into jar, and buff onto skin. Great for any skintone or type. Since this is pure clay, it will absorb excess oil and moisture while giving a matte appearance. Use prior to makeup application as an oil absorbing primer. Use this all over as a finishing touch or just on oily zones/spots. This will help to keep oil at bay so your foundation will have a base to adhere to. Wear alone.  Try until you find which way works best for you. Excellent for nighttime. Apply and you will see blemishes dry up. Drying. Do not use on dry complexions. Use: apply lightly with brush or applicator to oily areas. Can also be used as a spot blemish mask. Make a paste with Oil Absorbing Powder and water. Apply directly to blemish. Let dry. Rinse well with warm water.  Baggie size is not considered a refill and is not included in any bogo refill offers. Ingredients: specially formulated imported french green clay