4 Color Powder Corrector / Concealer Set Green / Yellow / Blue / Lavender

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Four Color Powder Corrector Set

  • Mint Green: Green corrector counteracts redness from rosacea,  acne, irritated skin, spider veins, scars and many other red skin conditions. Use to hide blemishes, pimples, birth marks, and broken capillaries. Can be added to minerals to make olive shade minerals.
  • Yellow: Pale Yellow Corrector works to brighten dull complexions, pale skin, or very pink skin. Use to cover under eye circles, bluish color bruises, and many other skin ailments.
  • Blue: Use as a skin brightener. Great for undereye dark circles. Also counteracts orangeness from self tanners.
  • Lavender: works to counteract yellow and sallow tones. Minimizes yellowish bruises. Great cover for women with hyper pigmentation and sun damaged sallow skin. Also, brightens the eye area. Also great as an all-over color to help brighten your complexion.

To Use: Apply lightly over area and feather out. Can be added to cream moisturizer to make a cream corrector.

You get all 4 colors.  .5g starter/purse size jars with sifters

Ingredients: sericite, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, zinc